Services Offered

Life is full of obstacles and setbacks. At times, it is easy to lose faith in oneself. When problems become too difficult to overcome, turn to Rhonda Dallas Consulting. With Rhonda’s expert opinion and guidance, rest assured your life will get back on track.

Individual Coaching – Starts at $150

  • Motivates you to rise from mediocrity and aspire to greatness
  • Assists you with gradually embracing your next venture
  • Assists you in developing a higher level of self-worth, self-esteem, and value to your life
  • Creates and composes individualized vision statements

People Who Could Use This Type of Coaching

Individual coaching is suitable for people experiencing the following circumstances:

  • Recent Job Layoff
  • Career Change

  • Life-Altering Situations
  • Revisiting Visions, Goals, Dreams, and Desires

Health and Wellness Coaching – Starts at $50

  • Motivates you to live a healthier lifestyle
  • Challenges you to develop a fitter body
  • Teaches you how to cook nutritious food and take proper dietary supplements

  • Promotes self-esteem and healthier attitude
  • Assists with achieving a clear lifestyle change

People Who Could Use This Type of Coaching

Health and wellness coaching is available for people who have:

  • Excess Weight
  • Poor Eating Habits
  • Decreased Energy Levels

Teen Coaching – Starts at $75

This service includes “The Tru U” program and social skills training.

People Who Could Use This Type of Coaching

  • Teens entering high school or college
  • Teens who have challenges with communicating socially
  • Teens with self-esteem character-building challenges

  • Mothers who need assistance with their teens in the formable years of life

Business Coaching and Consulting – Starts at $175

  • Helps clients improve their focus
  • Helps clients de-clutter and organize their lives

  • Helps clients deal with time management
  • Helps clients adapt to a new environment


  • To partner with you and your company and market a brand that will stand out above the rest
  • To turn your vision into reality
  • To grow your business through strategic marketing
  • To introduce your business to additional streams of income

Branding and Marketing

Why is it important to brand yourself?

  • It helps define the value of you and your product
  • It helps you stand out from your competitors

  • It gives your product a competitive edge

How do you communicate your “brand” to the public?

  • Define yourself and your product (“brand”)
  • Understand what positive tension is
  • Speak and promote your brand through marketing

  • Make sure you have a website and social media accounts as avenues for your brand

How can partnering with Rhonda Dallas Consulting help your brand?

  • We will help you enhance your brand
  • We will assist you in launching venues to market your brand
  • We will help you increase brand awareness through social media
  • We will connect you with persons that can utilize your brand
  • We will teach and train your staff to assist with growth

Client Testimonials

Rhonda highly values the feedback of her clients. She uses their comments and suggestions to further improve her work. Read what some customers have to say about her services.